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ENROLL in a Private School Satellite Program (PSP)

This provides an immediate legal umbrella for you to begin homeschooling, as well as all the coaching you will need to get started! There are school’s administrators listed below, for our Desert areas, will guide you through all of your schooling and curriculum options and more.
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For Coachella Valley – contact DesertCPSP via email.
For Imperial County – contact via email or visit Vanguard Academy.

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Contact HSLDA

HomeSchool Legal Defense Association offers homeschooling resources and answers to your legal questions. Visit HSLDA at www.hslda.org or call (540) 338-5600.

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(“Our House” resource shares “Click here and here to go from questions to confidence, when it comes to sustainable homeschooling.”)

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Connect with a Homeschooling Community

More Resources

Homeschooling on your own

Need help with a School plan? Contact us:
PRIVATE HOMESCHOOLING – Contact Mindi via Text.


HOMEBASED CHARTER SCHOOL – Contact Amanda via Phone.

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Private School Affadavit (PSA)

You are basically registering yourself as a private school in order to legally homeschool. If you are enrolled in a Private School Satellite Program (PSP), the school’s administrator files one affidavit for the whole group, so it is not necessary for you to submit a PSA. See Homeschool plan here.

PSA must be filed between October 1st and 15th. The Private School Affidavit form for the 2021-2022 school year is now available on the CDE’s website, visit http://www.cde.ca.gov/sp/ps/affidavit.asp.
To view our most recent update on the Private School Affidavit filing period, visit https://fpmca.org/2021/10/01/psa-2021-2022/
To get answers to some frequently asked questions concerning filing, please read our article entitled “Filing the Private School Affidavit” (https://fpmca.org/psa)
For a step-by-step guide to filing the Private School Affidavit, CHEA has provided a document that can be accessed at this link: https://www.cheaofca.org/filing-a-private-school-affidavit/