There are many educators who are unwilling to either teach offensive and inappropriate curriculum, or submit to unconstitutional mask and vaccine mandates. Some face losing their livelihoods should they exercise bodily autonomy and forego the Covid vaccine mandate.

We as a community want to support and encourage these teachers as they seek a better way to educate and work. We are providing a place for teachers to list their availability and qualifications so that they can find work either at other schools, or in assisting parents with homeschooling individually or in co-op groups.

Please contact us for a list of available teachers and their details.

Educators see Job Opportunities list at the bottom of this page.

Teachers, you’re not alone! Keep watch for Class Action Lawsuits, visit

THE HEALTHY AMERICAN Peggy Hall is the founder of THE HEALTHY AMERICAN with 30+ years as an educator and activist making “positive waves of change!” With a background in health, BA in Political Science, master’s in International Law & Policy, former director of Teacher Education… For a copy of CA laws and more, visit


Many community members desire to help families who want their children out of public schools. Some are willing to donate scholarship funds to help with homeschooling or private school costs for parents who have a proven financial need. Others are willing to volunteer their time, energy and skills to assist in the homeschooling process and remove obstacles so that ANY parent has the opportunity to homeschool their children.

Please contact us for a list of available volunteers and their details.

Contact us below if you would like to list your services as an EDUCATOR or VOLUNTEER.

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Also, CALLING ALL Educators! Here are some Job Opportunities:

(1) Inquire to the schools listed on our School Choice page for job opportunities.

(2) Work for LCS, visit

(3) Sign up to Teach, visit

(4) Become a new Vendor with  Mission Vista Academy, apply here.

(5) Teach on SkillShare, visit

(6) Apply with REAL Journey Academies, visit here.